Preparing for the HSC During COVID Lockdown

If you’re reading this, you’re unlucky enough to have your HSC school year coincide with a once in a generation global pandemic. You’re not allowed to visit your mates, you can’t let off steam on the sports field, and the fun bits of Year 12 have been cancelled. However, you’re still expected to prepare for a raft of HSC exams. Lockdowns are stressful. There’s several reasons for this, and they tend to differ from person to person. This is important as stress tends to be bad for learning and performing under exam conditions. This is because our brains evolved to protect us from threat and help us [...]

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Resources for parents and carers

Caring for a loved one with an eating disorder can be an overwhelming experience, particularly if you are just starting out on the journey. Below are a range of different resources that you may find helpful to access additional information or support from other carers. ​How far it too far? This website is a great early intervention resource for people looking for information to increase their understanding of the risk factors and early warning signs related to eating, exercise and body image.  Emotion Coaching Resources This website features some really helpful webinars/videos, with a focus on emotion coaching. There are specific examples of how carers can [...]

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