Caring for a loved one with an eating disorder can be an overwhelming experience, particularly if you are just starting out on the journey. Below are a range of different resources that you may find helpful to access additional information or support from other carers.

How far it too far?
This website is a great early intervention resource for people looking for information to increase their understanding of the risk factors and early warning signs related to eating, exercise and body image. 

Emotion Coaching Resources
This website features some really helpful webinars/videos, with a focus on emotion coaching. There are specific examples of how carers can provide emotional and practical support to those struggling with eating concerns. 

This article explores similar ideas:

Eating Disorders Carer Helpkit
This virtual helpkit has been developed to guide carers supporting someone with an eating disorder. There are a variety of resources, including videos, books and podcasts. 

F.E.A.S.T Around the Dinner Table Forum
This forum is an active space for caregivers to ask and answer questions, discuss their experiences and support each other. It is a free forum run by FEAST and moderated by experienced caregivers. The forum welcomes caregivers of individuals of all ages and with all eating disorders.

The Disappearing Sister – Book Recommendation for Siblings

This book tackles the tough topic of eating disorders and how a family has to work together to help the big sister get better. We recommended this book for siblings of individuals with an eating disorder diagnosis, to help teach them about the illness and recognise their own tricky feelings about the illness and how it is impacting the family.

Feed Your Instincts (FYI)
FYI is an interactive online early intervention tool designed to support parents or carers of young people experiencing eating and body image problems, or an emerging eating disorder. The tool includes a checklist of behaviours parents may have noted in their child that generates a personalised report that can be taken to the GP.

Maudsley Parents
Maudsley Parents is a volunteer organisation of parents who have helped their child recover from an eating disorder using Family-Based Treatment (FBT). The site contains a range of information about FBT, including frequently asked questions, family stories and common misconceptions.

Stuck and not eating!
​This is a neat video for parents who are involved in restoring nutrition.
Eva Musby is a parent who has created a series of resources to help parents in family based therapy.  This one focuses on the process of getting meals completed. As the video says, not every strategy will work for every family all the time. Eva’s emphasis on parents looking after themselves and taking a break in order to maintain a compassionate stance is crucial.  

Another lovely video from Eva Musby introducing the ‘Connect before you Direct’ concept: 

National Eating Disorders Collaboration (NEDC) Carers Resource
The NEDC recognises that family and friends play a crucial role in the care, support and recovery of people with eating disorders. The NEDC website section for families, friends and carers provides further useful information.  

Eating Disorders Victoria Carers Forum
EDV and SANE Australia have teamed up to design and deliver an online forum for carers.  The forum is anonymous, free of charge and available to Australians over 18 years of age.

Additionally, EDV has a page with lots of information for carers.

The Butterfly Foundation Support Group
The Butterfly Foundation runs various support groups. More information including dates and times can be found on their website. 

EDANZ Recommended Reading List
EDANZ has produced a very extensive list of recommended reading, which covers a range of topics, including various eating disorders, perfectionism and family based treatment. 

Do you have some resources that you have found helpful while caring for a loved one? Please share below!